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 Welcome to Devonshire Community Public School!

Devonshire - Everything a school should be!
Devonshire is truly a community school; providing each child with the opportunity to achieve his or her potential; educating our children to be readers and writers, to be mathematically literate, to be critical thinkers and to have a life-long love of learning. We are also raising our students to be citizens of the world which means helping those who are less fortunate, being compassionate, being fair and being just. At Devonshire Community Public School,  children feel a warm welcome and we know that the future starts today, in our classrooms with each and every child who enters. Students, teachers, support staff, parents, School Council, and the community at large work together in promoting a true partnership that makes Devonshire CPS everything a school should be.

 Important School News


October 1/15


September 30/15

We had an excellent first School Council meeting last night! Thank-you to those who were able to join us! We have new School Council Co-Chairs, a new secretary and treasurer. More information to be soon posted !

We are experiencing some vandalism in our washrooms here at St. Ambrose and we have increased supervision during breaks and instructional times.  Please refer to this link​ for more information about the use of our washrooms by students.​

September 27/15

At the elementary level, the union (ETFO) has imposed sanctions in school districts across Ontario.  These sanctions are having some impact in our schools. A letter from the Director was sent home to elementary parents via Synrevoice email today with more information. The letter has been posted on the Director's webpage.

 As the letter explains, parents may notice the following:

  • Elementary field trips are cancelled;
  • Fundraising - teachers will not participate in fundraising including the collection of money for school programs.  This may affect the operation of milk and lunch programs and other activities. In some schools this work is being undertaken by school staff, sometimes with the assistance of volunteers.  The actual impact will vary by school based on the regular fundraising activities that are undertaken;
  • Individual Education Plans - teachers are not completing the documentation by established timelines, but are using appropriate accommodations with students;
  • Communication with parents is now restricted to situations where there is a safety concern or where a teacher has a concern about a child's progress; teachers are not engaging in regular communication including email, newlsetters, websites or other apps/programs that may normally be used;
  • Professional development - teachers are not participating in planned professional development activities;
  • Extra-curricular activities are not subject to sanctions, however, the paperwork associated with extra-curricular activities is subject to sanctions.  The district has made some adjustments to regular practice in order to facilitate the ongoing operation of extra-curricular activities such as cross country running.  However, student safety remains our first priority and if the school principal does not believe appropriate safety mechanisms are in place, the extra-curricular activities may be cancelled;
  • Fall progress reports - the union has advised teachers to submit progress report information to the principal in paper copy only.  At this time the district is reviewing the impact of this sanction, but there may be changes to the timing and/or distribution of fall progress reports.  More detail will be provided as we move closer to the reporting period.

The union has also advised that effective October 1st, they may begin rotating one day strikes. We are working with the union to confirm that advance notice will be provided. We will share more detail as it becomes available.

This is a challenging situation for everyone involved.  The district is very appreciative of the additional work undertaken by administrators to support schools in maintaining regular school practices.  We are continuing to work to address the issues associated with the sanctions as they arise.

We will continue to keep our school communities up-to-date via our website and social media channels.

September 23/15

The Crossing Guard from Bayswater and Laurel will be moving to Bayswater and Beech.

Parents/Guardians - please use the walkway next to the school for pedestrian traffic and AVOID using the driveway to exit our yard.

Drivers - please respect all parking signs and AVOID blocking our driveway.

September 21/15

There is lots of news on the labour front. The Director's webpage has been updated with new information.  At the secondary level, the central agreement with secondary teachers and secondary occasional teachers has been ratified. This is great news!  At the local level, negotiations with secondary teachers and secondary occasional teachers are ongoing and we remain committed to negotiating a fair and fully funded local agreement. There are some sanctions which have been imposed by the local secondary school teachers union (OSSTF). 

At the elementary level, there was an announcement Friday that the union (ETFO) would increase sanctions across Ontario beginning today, September 21st.  The OCDSB is reviewing the list of sanctions and will provide more information about any impact of the sanctions.  We remain hopeful that a central agreement will be reached in the near future.  Locally, negotiations are ongoing with the elementary teachers union and we remain committed to negotiating fair and fully funded local agreements.

We will continue to keep our school communities up-to-date via our website and social media channels.

September 13/15

Please the attached information sheet about lice.
Lice Info Sheet​

Concussion Management​

September 11/15

We have had a wonderful first week at Devonshire.

Students are settling into their new classrooms and adjusting to new routines!

We are still looking for 2 Lunchtime Monitors. Please see the following link for further information. We are flexible with hours of work and days available.

September 5/15

Please join us in the school yard at 8:15 on Tuesday, September 8th to meet your child's teacher (if raining, we will meet in the gym).  ​

Please be sure your child knows the dismissal plan for the first day of school. Any changes should be provided in writing.

Looking forward to a great year together!

August 28/15​

Our school office reopens on Monday, August 31st at 8:00.

We are located at 175 Beech Street (St. Ambrose P.S.)

August 16/15

Devonshire Community Public School is at a temporary school site for 2015-2016 due to renovations.

We are located at St. Ambrose P.S.

175 Beech Street

Our phone number remains the same: 613-729-3169


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